Princess On
Princess On

A unique twist on the classic "big fish eats small fish" concept, this game allows you to control different cosmetics as they navigate the princess's room. Your objective is to continuously merge with similar items or devour smaller ones, starting from a lipstick and gradually upgrading to eyeshadows, perfumes, dresses, and more. The game features stunning visuals and offers an entertaining yet challenging gameplay experience.As your cosmetics grow in size, the room will introduce larger objects that you must avoid colliding with. This adds a sense of tension and strategy to the game, requiring you to plan your movement paths carefully. Seize the right opportunities to merge with other items and maintain your growth momentum.To overcome the challenges, you'll need to rely on your powers of observation, quick reflexes, and strategic thinking. By doing so, you can increase your score and climb the rankings. The beautiful game visuals not only allow you to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of cosmetics but also test your reaction and strategic abilities. Get ready to take on the challenge!

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How to play Princess On

Hold down the left mouse button and drag to move.

Welcome to this marvelous world of cosmetics! You are a small lipstick, living in this magical princess's room where other cosmetics have come to life. They roam around the room, and you notice that they are merging with each other. To survive, you need to strengthen your team and devour smaller cosmetics! Move your lipstick around the map, searching for other lipsticks. When you get close to them, you can merge with them. When the quantity reaches 3, you can upgrade to an eyeshadow palette, and so on. You need to keep devouring and growing. However, be careful of larger items that can devour you. If you are only touched at the edge, the edge part will be devoured, causing you to downgrade. Therefore, you need to act cautiously, observe the overall situation, and choose the appropriate path to move. Cosmetics are just the starting level. In the later stages, you will discover larger items like shoes, handbags, dresses, which will make your living space even smaller and increase the game's challenge. You need to demonstrate your agility, achieve victory in this survival battle, and strive for a high score! Become the ruler of this room!

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Span the QR Code with your mobile device camera

You can enjoy this game on mobile and tablet(such as iPhone, IPad, and Android device)

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