Bank Robbery
Bank Robbery

Bank Robbery is an exciting crime themed game where players play a bank robber who needs to rob as many banks as possible under the pursuit of the police. This game has multiple levels, each with different levels of difficulty and challenges. Players need to rob as many banks as possible within a limited time frame while avoiding police pursuit. There are various tools and weapons to choose from in the game, including pistols, bombs, and ground drills. Players can improve their abilities by upgrading tools and weapons, making robbery smoother.

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How to play Bank Robbery?

Before the game starts, players need to conduct reconnaissance on the bank, understand the layout of buildings, security measures, and patrol routes of guards, and develop the best robbery plan.

After entering the bank, players need to find the target item as soon as possible within the specified time and use the team members' skills to overcome various difficulties. Players need to be careful with guards and surveillance cameras to avoid being discovered.

After the player successfully seizes the target item, they need to escape the bank as soon as possible and safely return to their hiding place. During the escape process, there will also be police cars and helicopters tracking, and players need to use their skills and props to escape the pursuit of the police and ensure that all team members can safely evacuate.

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You can enjoy this game on mobile and tablet(such as iPhone, IPad, and Android device)

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