Super Oliver World
Super Oliver World

Cute pixel-style side-scrolling adventure! Experience a pixelated adventure in the style of Mario! Oliver is being chased by a group of little monsters. He accidentally falls into a trap and is transported to an unknown place. You need to help him escape, collect coins, defeat monsters, and explore the unknown! Just like Mario, you can jump and hit blocks to release coins or stomp on the heads of little monsters to defeat them. In addition, in the later stages of the game, you can shoot bullets to eliminate enemies ahead! Come forward and explore this exquisite pixelated adventure!

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How to play Super Oliver World?

Move with the keyboard AD/left and right arrow keys, jump with W/up arrow key, and shoot with X/J.

Enter the game and select a level. You will see Oliver being chased by a group of little monsters. With nowhere to escape, he is forced into a trap. Suddenly, a beam of light flashes, and Oliver finds himself in a mysterious and unknown deserted island. Now, he needs your help to escape!

This game is similar to Mario's gameplay. You will control Oliver to jump and avoid various obstacles in this beautifully pixelated world. You can try jumping and hitting blocks with question marks, as there may be surprising items waiting for you. When you encounter paths with monsters, you can jump and stomp on them or use weapons to attack them after obtaining shooting abilities. Additionally, you need to collect stars and coins on the map to challenge the goal of completing the level with a full star rating!While exploring the levels, don't overlook every corner, as there may be additional rewards waiting for you.

Perhaps in a hidden cave or on a high platform, you will discover valuable items and special abilities that will help you better overcome challenges.Come and explore this exquisite pixelated world, help Oliver escape the deserted island, and uncover the secrets of this unknown world!

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Span the QR Code with your mobile device camera

You can enjoy this game on mobile and tablet(such as iPhone, IPad, and Android device)

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