Draw And Save Stickman
Draw And Save Stickman

Want to test your IQ, creativity or drawing skills? Looking for a new, unique puzzle game? Draw and Save Stickman is the game you need! Make drawings to keep various dangers and traps away from Stickman. You will need to think differently in each level. Let's guess where the danger will come from and start drawing the shield!So grab your drawing tools and get started on creating your very own stickman masterpiece!

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How to play Draw And Save Stickman?

Draw And Save Stickman is a unique and creative game that combines drawing with action and adventure. The objective of the game is to use your drawing skills to keep the stickman character safe from various dangers and traps. Here's how to play:

Save your stickman: Once you have finished drawing your stickman, save it for later use. You can revisit your stickman at any time and make changes or updates as you see fit.

Add obstacles: To add danger to the game, you can create obstacles for your stickman to avoid. These can be anything from spikes, fire pits, or falling rocks.

Create protective barriers: To keep your stickman safe from the obstacles, you must use your drawing skills to create protective barriers. These barriers can be anything from walls, shields, or trampolines.

Play the game: Once you have saved your stickman and added the obstacles and barriers, it's time to play the game. Guide your stickman through the environment and help it avoid the dangers and overcome any obstacles in its way.

In Draw And Save Stickman, your creativity and imagination are the key to success. So grab your drawing tools and see how far you can go!

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