Protect My Dog
Protect My Dog

Welcome to Protect My Dog, a fun puzzle game where your task is to protect your puppy from bee bites. In the game, you need to use the mouse to draw lines to isolate the puppy and bees. When you successfully isolate the puppy, bees cannot approach it, thus protecting it from harm from bees.

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How to play Protect My Dog?

Protect My Dog is a puzzle game where players aim to isolate the puppy from bees and prevent them from biting the puppy. In the game, you need to use the mouse to draw lines and separate the puppy from the bee, so that the puppy can pass safely.

After the game starts, a cute little dog and some bees will appear in the scene, and they will fly along a fixed path. You need to use the left mouse button to click and drag to draw a line to separate the puppy from the bee.

Note that you can only draw one line and cannot touch bees or boundaries, otherwise the game will fail. If the puppy is bitten by a bee, it can also cause the game to fail.

The levels of the game will gradually increase in difficulty, such as the appearance of more bees, more complex paths, and shorter time limits. But you can get extra help by collecting items from the game, such as extending time, reducing the number of bees, and so on.

In short, Protect My Dog is a simple and fun puzzle game that tests your hand speed and reflexes, as well as enhances your logical thinking and spatial imagination. Come and challenge yourself!

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