Fish Eat Getting Big
Fish Eat Getting Big

Fish Eat Getting Big is an exciting and fun underwater survival game where players will play the role of a small fish and grow by eating other fish. There are various types of fish in the game, each with different body shapes and abilities. Players need to use their intelligence and skills to survive.

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How to play Fish Eat Getting Big?

Game Objective:

In Fish Eat Getting Big, you will play a small fish, growing and growing by constantly eating food. Your goal is to survive in the ocean and become the largest fish.

Control method:

You can use a keyboard or mouse to control the movement of small fish. By moving the mouse or pressing the keyboard direction keys, you can control the direction of the small fish. The small fish will swim in the direction you specify.


In the ocean, there are various types of food floating around. Food can be shrimp, small fish, jellyfish, etc. You need to control the small fish to approach the food and then eat them. Every time you eat a food, your little fish will grow a bit and receive a certain score.

Big Fish and Enemy:

In addition to food, there are also some large fish and enemies in the ocean. Big fish are bigger and stronger than your little ones, and you need to avoid them, otherwise they may eat you. Enemies can be sharks, sea dragons, etc. They will actively chase you. Be careful to avoid them and protect yourself.

Growth and level:

As you eat more food, your little fish will gradually grow and achieve higher levels. Every time you reach a certain level, your little fish will become bigger and stronger, and also unlock some special skills or items, such as acceleration, invisibility, etc.

Game End:

The game will end in the following situations:

When your little fish is eaten by a big fish or attacked by an enemy, you will lose health. When the health value drops to zero, the game ends.

When your little fish grows to a certain extent and becomes the largest fish in the ocean, you will win.

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