Experience the feeling of seizing power! You will play the role of a treacherous minister. The opportunity has come! The king is taking a walk, and you quietly approach him from behind. Seize the moment when the king is not paying attention, and quickly raise the small knife in your hand to complete the assassination! But be careful, the king may turn around at any moment. If he catches you still holding the knife when he turns around, you will be arrested and thrown into the dungeon! Once you successfully assassinate the king, you will become the new king! However, you cannot let your guard down. There will always be people who want to take your place. They will attempt to assassinate you, just like you did to the king. You must discover them before they act and send them to the dungeon to protect your position! Each time you successfully catch an assassin, you will receive generous rewards, unlock different weapons and outfits to make your assassin character more interesting. Can you become the king and rule for a long time? The game not only features assassins, but if you are too suspicious, you may miss out on the elixir given to you by the steward or miss out on a romantic relationship! Unlock a variety of rich storylines and see how long you can rule as the king!

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How to play Murder?

Mouse left-click to interact.

After starting the game, you will appear behind the king with a small knife. Press and hold the screen to charge up. When the charge bar is full, the assassination will take place! Pay attention to the king's timing for turning around. Just like in the game "123 Wooden Man," you must not let the king see your assassination attempt, or else you will be thrown into the dungeon! After successfully assassinating the king, you will seize the throne and become the new king. At the same time, you must be wary of new assassins. When they charge up, click the screen to turn around and catch them in the act, allowing the guards to capture them and throw them into the dungeon. Above you, the charging bar transforms into your life bar. As time passes, it indicates how much longer you have to live. See if you can survive until the end, ruling the country with white hair or by reasonably suspecting everyone, without throwing the steward who gives you the elixir into the dungeon. The game also features various special endings for you to explore. Additionally, you can unlock more outfits and weapons to make your assassination actions more interesting!

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Span the QR Code with your mobile device camera

You can enjoy this game on mobile and tablet(such as iPhone, IPad, and Android device)

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