Geometry Jump
Geometry Jump

Welcome to Geometry Jump -- another Geometry Dash spinoff that will drive you crazy, with new worlds waiting to be explored! In this horizontal jumping parkour game, break through the world of geometry and challenge your reflexes by jumping to avoid various annoying obstacles. In this game, enjoy three different levels of adventure and wait for new chapters to update constantly. Easy to play, but difficult to control, now jump and flip, start your adventure! Geometry Jump is an extremely fast adventure horizontal version of the jumping parkour game, through its simple and intuitive gameplay, unique geometry aesthetic and constantly updated elements, providing players with an endless challenge and fun. Start your geometric jump journey now, challenge yourself, push your limits, and see how far you can go in this geometric world!

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How to play Geometry Jump?

Left mouse button/space bar jump.

Geometry Jump will take you into an endless world filled with geometric beauty. This is a world where geometric forms of terrain and structures blend together to form a fascinating backdrop. Each jump will be an adventure in geometry, allowing you to feel the beauty of geometry and challenge your own limits. In Geometry Jump, you'll face a variety of annoying obstacles that come in a variety of geometric shapes and colors. Challenge your reflexes and avoid collisions with obstacles by jumping and dodging with precision. Each level will be a test of your dexterity and reaction speed, and only players who are agile enough will be able to overcome it. The game offers three different levels of adventure, each with unique maps and challenges. Start at the junior level and work your way up to the more difficult intermediate and advanced levels. Each level has its own unique level design and obstacles to keep you fresh in the game, and gradually increase the difficulty and push your limits. The gameplay of the game is simple and intuitive, so that novices can easily get started. Control your character's jumps by touching the screen to avoid obstacles. However, despite its simplicity, it is quite challenging to really master the game and make the most of your operating skills. Only with constant practice and adjustment can you master the best jump timing and path selection. Geometry Jump is not only a visual feast, but also a unique music that adds to the entire game. The rhythm of the music echoes the jumping elements of the game, making the player immersed in a sense of rhythm. This perfect combination of music and vision makes Geometry Jump an all-encompassing sensory adventure. In the world of Geometry Jump, you experience a high-speed adventure, jumping into the aesthetic of geometry, pushing your limits, and having endless fun. This is not the end, but the beginning of a new adventure.

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