X-Parkour is a very exciting parkour game where players need to play a parkour master, traverse various obstacles and traps, and complete various challenges. There are multiple levels in the game, each with different terrains and obstacles. Players need to constantly run, jump, slide, and climb to pass each level.

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How to play X-Parkour?

There are multiple different levels in the game, each with its own unique design and difficulty. Players need to pass each level within a limited time and collect as many rewards and points as possible.

Players can use various techniques to increase speed and better cope with obstacles, such as aerial rollovers, wall walking, and barrier jumping. In addition, players can also unlock new characters and props to improve the gaming experience and challenge. Press AD or the left or right direction to control character movement, press W or the up key to control character jumping, and press S or the down direction key to control character squatting. Press the up button to double jump.

Play on your Mobile

Span the QR Code with your mobile device camera

You can enjoy this game on mobile and tablet(such as iPhone, IPad, and Android device)

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