Home Scapes 2
Home Scapes 2

Come to Home Scapes 2 and embark on a challenging and romantic adventure! In this game, you need to help a couple find each other. The wife is trapped deep in the garden, while her husband needs to overcome various obstacles and reunite with her. There are various mechanisms hidden in the garden, each of which is fatal to this husband. You will face the pursuit of hounds and ambush of bandits, requiring the use of your wisdom and strategy to choose the correct path of action, disable the trap, or allow bandits and hounds to attack each other. You must make good use of your intelligence and reasoning abilities, solve puzzles, and avoid danger in order to successfully harvest romantic love. By solving the difficulties and challenges in each level, you will gradually approach the goal of reuniting your husband and wife. Come and challengeHome Scapes 2! Show your wisdom and courage, help this couple reunite, and witness their love story bloom in this garden full of surprises and adventures!

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How to play Home Scapes 2?

Left click on the corresponding mobile door

When you enter the game , you will be placed in a beautiful garden. In the process of advancing, you will encounter doors that block your progress. By moving these doors, you can continue to advance. You must be careful when choosing the moving door, as some doors may seem correct, but there are hidden dangers behind them. Sometimes, you will face a continuously advancing wall, and you need to quickly open the door and move forward, otherwise you will be hit by the wall. You may encounter a situation where a robber is hiding behind a door waiting for you, and you need to open other doors to allow the robber to fall into a trap and successfully escape. In addition to bandits, there are various traps such as hunting dogs and bombs waiting for you. You can choose to avoid these traps or cleverly use them to eliminate threats. Each level is full of surprises and tests, and only through wisdom and courage can we successfully save this love. Come and showcase your reasoning and decision-making skills!

Play on your Mobile

Span the QR Code with your mobile device camera

You can enjoy this game on mobile and tablet(such as iPhone, IPad, and Android device)

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