Hunter Training
Hunter Training

Want to be a qualified hunter? Hunter Training is an interesting 3D game. You can practice hunting by shooting wild animals with sniper rifles. In practice, stabilize the rifle sight and shoot deer. You can also improve your hit rate by buying the best loot.

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How to play Hunter Training?

In the game, players need to use various resources on the map to collect materials, including collecting herbs, minerals, hunting wild animals, and so on. By collecting these materials, players can create various weapons and equipment to improve their combat effectiveness.

In addition to collecting materials, players also need to carry out hunting missions to defeat various powerful monsters. Each monster has different attack methods and weaknesses, and players need to use their weapons and skills reasonably to attack the monster and minimize the damage they receive. After completing the task, players will receive rewards, including coins and experience points.

As players continue to grow in the game, they can unlock more skills and equipment, while also encountering more powerful monsters. Players need to constantly improve their skill levels in order to challenge higher difficulty tasks.

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You can enjoy this game on mobile and tablet(such as iPhone, IPad, and Android device)

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