Sniper 3D
Sniper 3D

3D sniper is the first player to play and shoot. You are a sniper. You must find your target and shoot him before he can escape. Pay attention to your target description, or you may kill an innocent civilian name, and your mission will fail. Aim at the target as soon as possible and act as quickly as possible before pulling the trigger, because you won't have much time before the criminal escapes. Earn enough money to buy incredible upgrades or new weapons to complete your mission.

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How to play Sniper 3D?

1. Task Mode: There are various types of tasks in the game, including assassination, rescuing hostages, bomb disposal, etc. Each task has different goals and challenges, and players need to use their own skills to complete the task.

2. Weapon system: There are various types of firearms and ammunition to choose from in the game, including rifles, pistols, shotguns, etc. Players can choose different weapons and ammunition according to task requirements, and improve the performance of their weapons through upgrades.

3. Aiming and shooting: In the game, players need to use a sight to accurately locate the target and eliminate enemies through precise shooting. Players can also use the "slow action" function to slowly zoom in on time, making it easier to aim and shoot.

4. Experience and Rewards: After completing the task, players will receive experience points and rewards. Experience points can be used to improve players' levels and unlock new weapons, while rewards can be used to purchase more efficient weapons and upgrade existing weapons.

5. Multi player combat: In addition to single player task mode, the game also offers multi player combat mode. In this mode, players can engage in real-time battles with other players and experience more intense shooting game fun.

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