Mini Monkey Mart
Mini Monkey Mart

In the colorful world of Mini Monkey Mart, the shopping frenzy has begun. Start running your grocery store. At the mini monkey market, bananas are first planted and placed in a trough. Chickens love bananas. Feed the chickens with the bananas you grow. When they lay eggs, the eggs are retrieved and brought to the counter. Customers are already lining up at the checkout. Go to the checkout and put the products in the shopping cart, which is impossible to do alone! Hire an assistant. Expand your market with the money you save first. Then buy machines and machine tools for new products. Mash the bananas and start selling. Wheat is grown, flour is made, bread is sold with them. Feed your cow with wheat and put her milk in the cupboard. Let customers come shopping in droves and experience the crazy business adventure of mini monkeys and cooperate with their cute-looking companions. Have fun!

Play Online
How to play Mini Monkey Mart?

Move: click the left mouse button . You will play the game by controlling a monkey. At the beginning, you need to plant bananas.

Feed Your Chicken: In the game, you need to feed your chicken. When you plant bananas, you can provide a portion of them to your chicken as food. In this way, chickens will produce eggs.

Purchase new products and stalls: By saving money, you can purchase new products and stalls. You can use these products to expand your market and attract more customers.

Expand your market: With the money saved, you can expand your market size. You can invest funds to open up more land and grow more food such as bananas, wheat, milk, etc.

Food production: In addition to growing food, you can also use the products you grow to make flour, bread, banana puree, and other foods. By processing these foods, you can purchase more products and earn more money.

Through these gameplay, you will gradually develop your farm and expand your business. Plant different foods, feed chickens to get more eggs, make various delicacies, and continuously invest and expand your market. Realize high output and high profits, become a successful mini monkey!

Play on your Mobile

Span the QR Code with your mobile device camera

You can enjoy this game on mobile and tablet(such as iPhone, IPad, and Android device)

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