Paperio 2
Paperio 2

Paperio 2 is a very interesting online multiplayer game where players need to control a small block on a virtual game map and expand their territory by constantly coloring it.

Play Online
How to play Paperio 2?

Control character movement: Use the directional keys on the keyboard to control your character's movement on the map. When you leave an area, it will be filled with the color you choose.

Occupying more territory: Occupying more territory can earn you higher scores and provide more space to move.

Avoid colliding with other players: If you encounter other players or their trajectory lines, you will die and lose all territories.

Collect items: There are some special items on the map that can be collected, such as accelerators, shields, and bombs. These props can help you gain an advantage, but you also need to use them carefully to avoid being exploited by your opponents.

Resist attacks: If other players attempt to invade your territory, you can use a shield to protect yourself. But please note that each shield can only be used once.

Becoming the ultimate winner: The game will continue until only one player remains. The last surviving player will win the game.

Play on your Mobile

Span the QR Code with your mobile device camera

You can enjoy this game on mobile and tablet(such as iPhone, IPad, and Android device)

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