3D Rubikscube
3D Rubikscube

A game that cube enthusiasts cannot miss! Experience the authentic Rubik's Cube solving on a web page! The exquisite 3D graphics will please your eyes. It offers an exciting opportunity for all Rubik's Cube fans to enjoy the joy of solving without the need for a physical cube, just on the web page. The game perfectly recreates the classic 3x3 Rubik's Cube, with each face composed of nine small cubes, each with a different color. Your goal is to restore the scrambled cube to a complete state where each face has a single color.With simple and intuitive controls, you can click and drag different layers of the cube to rotate and move the small cubes. You need to apply logical thinking and spatial reasoning to solve the cube in the fewest possible steps. This requires you to be familiar with the cube's rotation rules and solving methods, and be able to analyze and plan your moves quickly.In addition, the game provides a timing feature that allows you to challenge your speed and efficiency and compare yourself with other players. You can try to break your own records or share your achievements with friends to showcase your Rubik's Cube solving skills. This Rubik's Cube solving game not only provides a convenient way for cube enthusiasts to practice and challenge themselves but also offers an engaging introductory experience for beginners!

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How to play 3D Rubikscube?

Hold down the left mouse button and drag the Rubik's Cube to rotate it. Dragging the empty space allows you to view the other sides of the cube.

The Rubik's Cube solving can enhance your logical thinking and spatial reasoning abilities! Try to solve it in less time and fewer steps, familiarize yourself with the rules and techniques of Rubik's Cube solving, and you will become more proficient! In the game, you will face a scrambled Rubik's Cube. Double-clicking on the cube will start the timer. Each face of the cube is composed of small cubes of different colors. Your task is to rotate and move the small cubes by clicking and dragging different layers of the cube, in order to restore the cube to a complete state where each face has a single color. Analyze and plan your moves quickly. Break your own records in terms of time or number of steps through continuous practice and attempts! In the game, you can also customize your preferred background and adjust the smoothness of the sliding, allowing you to find the Rubik's Cube that suits you best!

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