Stick Duel Revenge
Stick Duel Revenge

Stick Duel Revenge is an exciting free online battle game where players can engage in intense battles with friends or CPUs in over 50 different levels! This free Stick Duel Revenge mini game will bring you endless challenges and fun, allowing you to experience exciting battles and unique combat changes. The special changes in different chapters will affect the combat strategy, and Stick Duel Revenge players need to carefully choose their positions on the battlefield, stay away from fire pools and traps, in order to win the battle. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

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How to play Stick Duel Revenge?

Stick Duel Revenge free gameplay guide:

Player 1

Move: Arrow keys

Shooting: L

Throwing weapons: O

Player 2

Mobile: WASD

Shooting: F

Throwing weapons: R

In the free mini game Stick Duel Revenge, players can challenge their friends or CPUs to play single or two player games. The game has over 50 different levels, and each chapter has its own unique changes. These changes may be changes in the terrain, or the appearance of additional obstacles or traps. Players need to develop different tactics and strategies based on the changes in each chapter to defeat their opponents. This diversity makes every battle full of surprises and challenges, allowing players to constantly challenge their skills and strategies.

The gameplay is simple and fun. You can control the stickman character to attack, defend, and move. Use a stick as the main weapon to strike opponents until they are defeated. You can also use items and props in the environment, such as boxes, bombs, etc., to increase the strategic nature of battles.

In Stick Duel Revenge, each level is full of challenges. You will face various enemies who possess different skills and combat styles. You need to flexibly use your attack and defense skills to defeat them and achieve victory. In addition, the environment of each chapter is different, and there may be obstacles or special terrain that can have an impact on combat. Therefore, you need to be good at utilizing the environment to gain advantages and defeat opponents.

In Stick Duel Revenge, players need to avoid the danger of fire pools and traps. Fire pools may harm players, while traps may trap players or cause other damage. The presence of these dangerous items makes the battle more intense and difficult. Players need to adjust their surroundings, find terrain advantages that can be utilized, and avoid falling into danger. Only with a calm mind and good reaction ability can victory be achieved in battle.

Stick Duel Revenge games do not require downloading and can be played online directly in the web version, computer version, and mobile version of Stick Duel Revenge.

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You can enjoy this game on mobile and tablet(such as iPhone, IPad, and Android device)

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