Super Stick Warriors
Super Stick Warriors

Super Stick Warriors is an exciting action game that makes you an invincible Super Stick Warriors. In this game, you need to dodge, jump, and activate basic skills and three advanced skills to transform your hero into a superhero beyond ordinary people.

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How to play Super Stick Warriors?

Super Stick Warriors free gameplay guide:


WASD - Sports

T-Shock Attack

M-Fast Sprint

N-impact gun


O-Ray Cannon

Blank key - Charge

U-invincible shield

Mobile control:

Touch screen

As Super Stick Warriors, you will face various exciting challenges. Each level is filled with enemies and obstacles, and you need to use your skills flexibly to defeat them. By dodging attacks and using your stick to attack enemies, you can defeat them and achieve victory.

In addition to basic skills, you can also unlock three powerful advanced skills. These skills include sprinting, stunning attacks, and invincible shields. When you use these skills, your hero will be filled with extraordinary power, allowing you to gain an advantage in battle. You need to use them at the right time to become the dominant force on the battlefield.

In the game, you will face various enemies and bosses. Each enemy has unique abilities and attack patterns, and you need to understand their weaknesses and use your skills to defeat them. In the battle against the boss, you will face greater challenges and need to cleverly apply your skills and tactics.

The game graphics of Super Stick Warriors are exquisite and the scenes are rich and diverse. From bustling cities to mysterious ancient tombs, each level has a unique background and design. At the same time, the game's sound effects are exciting, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in the intense combat atmosphere.

Finally, Super Stick Warriors can not only be played online directly on the web version, computer version, and mobile version of Super Stick Warriors, but more importantly, it does not require downloading, allowing you to enjoy this exciting game anytime, anywhere.

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