What The Hen!
What The Hen!

What The Hen! It is a unique gaming experience that combines strategic tower defense battles and humorous elements. Here, you will collect over 100 unique hero cards and prepare to participate in intense battles. By upgrading and evolving, transform each soldier into a super hero! Challenge various bosses and complete adventure missions. In the PVP arena, engage in one-on-one strategic battles with countless summoners. Participate in ranking competitions, receive special rewards, and enjoy activities and battles with different themes. But don't forget your purpose, to retrieve the lost chick.

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How to play What The Hen!?

Use the mouse to play games.

In the game, you will have the opportunity to collect over 100 distinctive heroes. Each character has unique skills and abilities, waiting for you to discover and tap into their potential. By upgrading and evolving, you can cultivate ordinary soldiers into invincible hero characters. Reasonably match different heroes to build your own powerful team. The game features various boss battles, waiting for your challenge. These bosses possess powerful skills and combat effectiveness, requiring you to carefully formulate tactics and strategies, and defeat them through intelligent operations. Every boss battle is a thrilling adventure, and victory will bring a rich variety of adventure story modes in addition to the PVP arena. By completing various adventure missions, unlocking new maps and levels, uncover the mysteries of the game world. The story plot is humorous and witty, adding a lot of color to the game. Rewards and achievements. The game incorporates elements of strategic tower defense, where you need to cleverly arrange your cards and choose the best lineup to fight against enemies during battles. Different tactics and strategies will affect the direction of the battle and become the key to victory. What The Hen! It is an innovative game that combines card collection, strategic tower defense, and humorous elements. In this game world full of laughter and challenges, you will collect various interesting heroes and experience endless fun through strategic battles and adventure story modes. Unlike traditional card games, What The Hen! Emphasizing the player's operational strategies provides a richer gaming experience. Exciting battles, humorous storylines, and diverse game elements all make What The Hen! Becoming a highly anticipated leisure game masterpiece. Join this carnival and enjoy a wonderful journey with global players!

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