Doomsday Hero
Doomsday Hero

A deadly virus is spreading across the world, turning most people into terrifying zombies, and the shadow of doomsday is gradually enveloping the earth! At this critical moment when a cure has yet to be found, those heroes known as doomsday heroes have stepped forward! They vow to defend the human homeland, even if their lives hang by a thread.Now, you are one of these heroes! Pick up powerful weapons of all kinds and become the savior in this apocalypse, engaging in a desperate battle against zombies! Slay your way through this side-scrolling shooting game! Unlock a variety of cool weapons, acquire powerful equipment, experience the exhilarating thrill of shooting, and enjoy the excitement and satisfaction of annihilating zombies!

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How to play Doomsday Hero?

Move with the AD/Left/Right arrow keys, jump with W/Up arrow key, switch weapons with Q/E/0, reload with R/4, use skills with Space/F, aim and shoot with the left mouse button click.

This is a side-scrolling shooting and adventure game that allows you to experience exhilarating shooting battles and thrilling acrobatic maneuvers. Upon entering the game, you can choose a level. There will be a constant stream of zombies coming at you, so while you're shooting, be sure to dodge their attacks. You can move, jump, and shoot at the same time, allowing you to kill zombies more effectively. In the game, you can also use skills like grenades or enhance your firearm damage. However, keep in mind that they have cooldown times, so use them wisely. As the level nears its end, a massive wave of zombies will come at you, and you'll need a lot of firepower to suppress them!Additionally, there will be various mechanisms on the map, such as explosive barrels and springs. Utilize them to make your battles more effective! By completing levels, you will collect a lot of coins that you can use to upgrade your weapons, acquire more powerful equipment, unlock new characters, and gain different character skills! Come and defend humanity, become a doomsday hero!

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You can enjoy this game on mobile and tablet(such as iPhone, IPad, and Android device)

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