Endless Lake
Endless Lake

This beautifully designed and adorable 3D parkour game will bring you endless fun! In the game, you will play as a cute character and embark on thrilling adventures on a vast lake. All you need to do is control the character to jump and avoid falling into the lake, while constantly challenging your limits to see how far you can run and achieve a high score. The lake is filled with various obstacles and challenges, and you need to calculate the timing of your jumps accurately to avoid rapidly incoming obstacles. As you run further, the game's difficulty will gradually increase, and you may need to control multiple characters simultaneously, facing more complex jumps. It tests your observation and reaction abilities, immersing you in a tense and exciting gaming experience. In the game, you can also collect coins, which can be used to unlock more adorable character roles. Each character has a unique appearance, making your gaming experience more diverse and personalized. It challenges your hand-eye coordination and reaction speed, allowing you to enjoy the fun of the game while chasing high scores. Invite your friends to challenge this cute parkour game together!

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How to play Endless Lake?

Mouse left-click to jump, double-click for a double jump.

Welcome to this marvelous and dreamy world! Here, you will explore an endless lake filled with mystery and surprises. UBIK is curious about this lake and eagerly wants to explore the paths on its surface. But be careful not to fall into the lake! You will play as UBIK's character, who runs forward at a fixed speed, and your task is to help him safely navigate the lake. In this game, you need to constantly pay attention to the road ahead. When the character encounters a broken path, you need to quickly click the screen to make him jump over it. If there is a large gap, you need to perform a double jump by clicking the screen twice in succession. It requires your quick reflexes and accurate judgment. In addition to the broken paths, you will also come across magical doors. These mystical doors will teleport you to another door's location. If there are multiple doors, you will see multiple characters emerging from them. At this point, you need to control all the characters simultaneously to make them jump. It tests your observation and reaction skills! But don't worry, even if some characters fall into the water, as long as at least one character successfully jumps over the obstacles, the game can still continue. During your run, you can collect coins. These coins can be used in the shop to unlock various cute and unique characters. Each character has its own appearance and characteristics, making your gaming experience more diverse and enjoyable. Now, challenge yourself to achieve a high score! Invite your friends to compete and see who can set a higher record in this lake! Explore this dreamy world and enjoy the thrill of jumping!

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