Home Pin 2
Home Pin 2

Do you want to protect this family? Do you want to create your own estate and restore the beauty of the estate to its former glory? Let's introduce a unique pole game: Home Pin 2. This game is full of family storylines that cannot be ignored!

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How to play Home Pin 2?

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In Home Pin 2, you will help a unique mother and her little daughter get through the cold weather. They urgently need your help to obtain matchboxes, charcoal, or raise funds to repair the estate. This rod puzzle game will test your intelligence and decision-making ability. By pulling the safety pin to change the position and path of objects, help them avoid obstacles and collect the necessary items.

The task design of Home Pin 2 is diverse and challenging. Each level has different puzzles to solve. You need to carefully observe the scene, plan and predict the path of the pin in order to successfully solve the problem. As the game progresses, the difficulty will gradually increase, requiring higher intelligence and strategic thinking to overcome obstacles.

In addition to thrilling tasks, Home Pin 2 also incorporates a captivating family storyline. You will experience the life of this mother and her lovely little daughter, and feel their hardships and warmth in the abandoned house. Through the interactions and adventures in the game, you will gain a deeper understanding of this family and experience growth and difficulties together with them.

Do you want to build your dream estate in Home Pin 2? In the game, you will collect funds to repair and decorate the estate, restoring its former glory. By unlocking new levels and tasks, you will unlock more exciting estate elements and decorations. Use your imagination and creativity to create a unique estate and create your own beautiful home!

Home Pin 2 does not require downloading and can be played online in the Home Pin 2 web version, Home Pin 2 computer version, and Home Pin 2 mobile version. Are you ready to live with this special mother and daughter? Let's explore the story of this warm family together.

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