Only Up
Only Up

Play this exciting extreme parkour game! In this hardcore challenge, you will face a series of thrilling tests. Similar to the classic digging for elevation, your goal is to continuously climb upwards, but this time you will use your flexibility to conquer heights at a faster pace! However, you must carefully calculate the distance between each jump and climb, as if you are not careful, you may fall back to the previous save point and have to start over. In this game, the world experiences mysterious and fascinating floating events. Various objects float in the air and continuously stack and increase in height. To solve this puzzle, you need to constantly climb and witness with your own eyes what happened at the highest point. This parkour game emphasizes a combination of speed and skill. Practice and optimize your route selection, and you can constantly challenge yourself to become the fastest clearance person!

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How to play Only Up?

Keyboard WASD movement, Shift running, left mouse button held down drag rotation angle

A strange phenomenon occurred in this small town, where all objects were floating in the air, like a road leading to an unknown destination, extending up to the end of the field of view. As a parkour expert, you are eager to explore this mysterious path and uncover the secrets hidden above the sky! In this game, you can freely run, jump, and shuttle between floating objects. You need to accurately grasp the distance between objects and decide whether to take a run up jump or a regular jump. When you jump close to the edge of an object, you can attach your hands to it without worrying about falling. However, if the distance is too far, you may slip and fall, and be sent back to the archive point to start over. This adventure tests your patience and skills.

When you encounter insurmountable obstacles, you may need to practice and explore repeatedly. Through continuous experimentation and exploration, you will definitely be able to overcome numerous difficulties and achieve a great sense of achievement after passing the level! Come and challenge!

Play on your Mobile

Span the QR Code with your mobile device camera

You can enjoy this game on mobile and tablet(such as iPhone, IPad, and Android device)

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