The spaceship flies in the infinite space, and the crew members in the spaceship work hard to survive. There is a liar among them, so we should be vigilant. They need to monitor empty rooms and be prepared to attack when living with others, if the person is an impostor. The impostor wants to kill everyone. He will do his best, even if it means destroying the ship. He is very cunning It can hide in a dark corner and wait for the victim, or it can suddenly jump out of the ventilation shaft and attack from behind. Unless he shows ambition, he is hard to identify in the team.

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How to play Impostor?

Players need to join a team of multiple people to complete tasks within the team. Some players will be randomly selected as' traitors', who need to hide their identities and seek opportunities to do bad things in the team.

There are multiple tasks in the game, such as repairing circuits, cleaning air filters, etc. Players need to work together to complete the tasks. But 'traitors' will deliberately create obstacles and interference, making the task even more difficult. Players need to focus and complete tasks as soon as possible to avoid opportunities for 'traitors'.

In the game, players can communicate with each other through voice or text chat, express their opinions and doubts. Players can infer the possible identity of "traitors" by observing the actions and conversations of others, and vote to expel suspects.

When voting, it is necessary to consider the voices of all players to avoid injuring good people. If the voting result specifies a 'traitor', he will be expelled from the game. If the wrong person is pitched, the entire team may face failure.

During the game, players can earn game coins and experience points based on their performance and victories. Players can use these rewards to unlock new characters and equipment, improving their reasoning ability.

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You can enjoy this game on mobile and tablet(such as iPhone, IPad, and Android device)

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